Road Ruckus: Counterflowing Bus Angered After Ford Exped Driver Refuses To Let Him Pass


Road accidents are fatal. Hence, discipline and patience are two of the most important virtues any self-respecting driver should have.

Driving entails being responsible not only for one's life but also for anybody else who may suffer the consequences of one's choices on the road.

This is what netizen Kristoff Guinto seems to have wanted to point out after an undisciplined bus driver counter-flowed and insisted to pass illegally. Guinto stood his ground as he refused to allow the bus to pass.

On the video posted by Guinto on his Facebook account, it can be seen that the two pissed off drivers refused to let each other. Guinto, however, was firm, knowing that he was on the right side.

The Ford Expedition driver said he could even wait there for a day if he had to in order to prove his point. Despite the anger of the bus driver and the passengers aboard who were clearly getting impatient as their times get wasted, Guinto chose to wait for authorities to handle the situation rather than allow the bus driver to get away with counter-flowing.

Other drivers passing by also expressed their anger towards the bus driver emphasizing that he was in the wrong lane.

At a certain point, the bus driver got impatient and attempted to move into the other lane so that he could pass. Fortunately, moments later, an authority arrived.

Together with another driver who backed up Guinto, they dared the traffic enforcer to let the driver get away with counter-flowing emphasizing that they are being videotaped.

"Hindi habang buhay ganito tayo," Guinto noted.

Check out the video below and share your thoughts with us!

Source: TNP , Facebook

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