REAL HERO: Motorcycle Rider Clears Traffic for Ambulance and Saved the Patient. LOOK HERE!


With all the controversies that our country is facing nowadays, good deeds like this one can be refreshing. Chrisangel Montebon was on his way to work when he noticed an ambulance stuck in traffic in Commonwealth Avenue.

Being a member of the Riders Anti-Crime and Emergency Response (RACER), Montebon went out of his way and started assisting them in traffic. The ambulance was transferring a patient from  Dr Jose Rodriguez Hospital to the Quezon City General Hospital (QCGH). According to Dr. Richie Reyes, who was inside the ambulance, they needed to transfer the patient due to lack of instruments for his stab wounds. 

"We were trying to find a faster route but when we arrived at Commonwealth Avenue, we were stuck in traffic." said Dr. Reyes. The patient was starting to look pale and was losing a lot of blood. But thanks to the heroism of Montebon, the patient was saved from danger. 

"We were shocked [of] his actions because he went ahead of us. Those that do not give space, he signaled to go to the side," said Dr. Reyes, acknowledging Montebon's good deed. 

Montebon even assisted them until they reached the hospital, which surprised the team. "We don’t have any communication with him. But everytime we turned, he followed us. He really guided us even in the counter-flow," Reyes added. 

Montebon, on the other hand, shared his side of the story saying: “Papasok pa lang po ako sa work noong time na ‘yun. Tapos nakita ko ang ambulance nila na naiipit sa traffic. Hindi po ako nagdalawang isip na i-assist sila hanggang sa hospital para madala agad ang patient.” 

“Masaya po ako at natulungan ko po sila. Walang anuman po para sa kanila. Mula sa puso ko po ang pagtulong,” he added.

Meanwhile, Reyes, who didn't get the chance to thank Montebon in person, took time to thank him through Rappler, saying: "“Thank you because he set aside whatever his original plan is. I’m sure he had to go somewhere, but thank you very much because he set aside his time, effort, and safety for someone in need.”

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REAL HERO: Motorcycle Rider Clears Traffic for Ambulance and Saved the Patient. LOOK HERE!
Source: TNP , Rappler

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