Protective or Manyak? Netizens Got Mad About This Scandalous Photo!


Every woman would like a man to protect them especially in public places where danger lurks. But is this man just plain overprotective??

In a photo posted in Talk Sh*t official page on Facebook, a girl clad in an off shoulder top  was being embraced by a guy in stripes as she was texting in a jeep.

If one would look closely, it is not just a simple embrace but a display of public affection. The guy is obviously grabbing the girl's breast and he was definitely not ashamed to do it in public.

It is still unverified if they are a couple or the girl does not know the man but either way, netizens still slammed the photo.

"Tss, dina rinespeto yung babae oh. Pwede namang gawin sa pribadong kwarto o lugar,.. kung mahal ka talaga ng lalaki hindi kanya babastusin sa harapan ng madaming tao..?? kaya sinasabing lahat ng lalaki parepareho eh. Tsk," netizen Samuel Guillermo II commented on the post.

Some even slammed the page for posting this photo without the couple's consent.

"Sana bago nyo pinost yung picture tinakpan nyo naman yung mukha nung babae..kawawa yan kapag nakita nya kumakalat picture nya..wala naman kayong permiso dun sa tao na gamitin yung picture, pinakita nyo pa yung mukha, (sic)" Mark Noel Sapnay commented.


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