Pro Biker With Expensive Gear Loses an Uphill Climb to an Old Man and His Ordinary Bike!


Athletes in any sport spend huge amounts of money for gear. Most of them believe buying the most expensive gear will give them an edge over the competition.

In some cases, bikers spend money on bikes that are about as expensive as motorcycles and cars.

In a viral video, a professional biker using expensive gear gets beat by an old local on their way up a steep mountain road.

It is clear that the uphill path was a challenge. On the way up the sharp mountain road, a local on an ordinary bike was able to beat the pro who was using deluxe equipment.

As the pro biker was struggling, the old man simply whizzed by like it was nothing and even stared at the pro as a way of implying that it was a piece of cake for him.

Watch the video below!

The video has already reached 6.3 million views, 32,000 reactions and 48,000 shares as of writing.

However, in the comments section, one netizen clarified that the professional biker on the video, Andreas Fabricius, was on an attempt to break the record of crossing South America on a bike in less than 58 days.

Although this is merely an assumption, other netizens speculate that this must explain why the pro biker seemed fatigued.
Source: TNP , Buzzflare

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