President Duterte On The Cover Of A Hong Kong magazine: 'He is one of the most important people of the world.'


A photo shared by a netizen shows President Rodrigo Duterte on the January 2017 issue of a Hongkong magazine, Asia Weekly, written by Yazhou Zhoukan. The feature immediately became viral, as netizens showed pride in seeing the President in a foreign publication. 

A sneak peak photo of the magazine was shared by a Hongkong based Angel Canono Vergara.

Although the magazine was written in the Chinese language, Vergara said that her boss translated the headline as "He is the one important people of the world." The OFW was happy and grateful when her boss told her about the magazine, calling Duterte as 'Idol'.

Krizette Laureta Chu, a writer, also posted the same photo of the magazine wherein she said, "Duterte's decision to grow and maintain good relations with our neighbors will be one of his greatest legacies yet."

She even said that our country is going in the right direction.
Source: TNP, Facebook

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