President Duterte Admits That His Cousins May Be Members Of ISIS!


President Rodrigo Duterte recently disclosed that some of the Duterte clan might have become members of the extremist terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS

He said in an interview with Rappler that he has heard that some of his cousins are now members of the notorious terrorist group. 

“Isis seems to be everywhere,” Duterte said. “To be frank, I have cousins on the other side, with MI and MN. Some, I heard, are with Isis.”

He also described what could have been the scenario if he met his cousins who he heard have joined Isis.

“Let's be understanding to each other. You are you and I am I, and I said, if we meet in one corner, so be it,” Duterte said.

The controversial president said that the two explosions which occurred in the country were connected to ISIS

The first one happened in the Davao City night market last September which left 14 casualties and 70 wounded civilians. The other one was in the Cotabato region last Christmas eve where a blast outside a Church wounded 13 civilians.

However, he told Rappler that the information regarding his cousins is confidential and he is not ready to share information about what he knows. 

Duterte said he had already discussed this matter with other heads of state.

Abu Sayyaf, an ISIS-affiliated militant group, claimed responsibility for the attacks in Davao, but Duterte and the investigators of the Philippine National Police are still considering the possible involvement of drug syndicates.

Abu Sayyaf has become known for their violent insurgency which has been going on for decades. They claim to fight for the independence of the Mindanao Island from the Philippines.

Duterte won the presidency last May elections after promising Filipinos that he will launch a war on drugs and crimes.

Currently, there have been 5,927 deaths in the vicious war on drugs, according to CNN. Duterte has described the innocent lives killed in the war as “collateral damage.”

Source: TNP, Independent

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