A Man Who Has Been Blind For The Longest Time Gets To See His Wife And Child For The First Time!


Sight is one of the most important senses given to us. It allows us to appreciate and interact with our environment.

Just imagine how hard it could be to not be able to see? Gene knows exactly how that feels. 

He has been diagnosed with Stargardt disease which left him mostly blind. 

He met Joy and married her. They loved each despite his handicap. They have one son named Clinton

One day, while watching TV Joy chanced upon Rachel Ray's show featuring a man who has the same condition given a specialized eye gear to help him see. 

Joy worked hard for Gene to be featured on the same show and have an opportunity to make his life better. 

By some miracle, Gene was able to make it into the show and when he first saw Joy, he could say nothing but "she's pretty." 

What ensued is an emotional moment between the two which left the audience with tears and overflowing love. 


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