Pit Bull Without Leash Attacks And Kills Smaller Dog As Helpless Owner Watches


Pit bulls have had a bad reputation over the years as they are stereotyped as aggressive dogs

Their Scarface-esque type looks and a body toned like a dog on steroids can sometimes be intimidating for people and other dogs as well and for good reason.

Pit Bull Without Leash Attacks And Kills Smaller Dog As Helpless Owner Watches

Troubling footage was posted last January 3 showing a Pit Bull savagely attacking a smaller dog in Los Angeles as the owner watched helplessly, pleading for the dog to stop. 

Onlookers tried to scare off the pit bull away from the defenseless smaller dog, but to no avail.

The person who was taking the video handed a large metal rod to a brave spectator who used it to scare the dog away. 

After the commotion, the smaller dog lied lifeless on the ground and the owner stood in shock as she saw her poor canine’s tragic end. 

“I don’t know what to do,” she says. The person, an American who looked to be of Mexican descent, looks to the camera and says, “This is crazy.”

During the last half of the video, the person filming drove around the area and looked for the owner of the Pit Bull, who was found in a tent nearby, with another Pit Bull which also roaming around without a leash. 

The end of the video shows officials arriving at the scene.

Pit Bulls are a controversial topic as they have been at the center of discussion in the Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) of the US government. The BSL is a house bill that bans specific dog breeds as house pets.

Source: TNP , ThugBible

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