Pinky Webb Defended Pres. Duterte From International Media! Must Watch!


The President continues to earn criticism from the international media less than a year of assuming office. This is mainly because of his war against illegal drugs, a campaign which sparked an alleged extrajudicial killing spree taking more than 6,000 lives. 

Despite this image, CNN reporter Pinky Webb tried her best to defend the president from a foreign broadcaster in a CNN session.

She said that after her one to one interview with President Duterte last December 29, she knows that the president has a lot of good intentions for the Philippines. According to her, the President was angered with the criticism he received regarding his war on drugs. Webb also shared how PH's relationship with America would be reconsidered and reappealed now that Barrack Obama has stepped out of office. The President is now studying how the Visiting Forces Agreement with the United States can be amended.

Lastly, Webb defended the president's stance about killing people. Many netizens lauded Webb for standing up not just for the President but also to for the truth. As of this wtiting, the post already garnered 14 thousand reactions and over 2 thousand likes.

Watch the video below:

Source: TNP, Facebook

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