Pickpocket Returns Man's Wallet After He Saw a CCTV Pointed at Him! Check out the Video Here!


There certainly were laughs when footage of a thief’s attempt to pick a wallet takes on a hilarious turn. 

A pickpocket was caught on CCTV while he was trying out his luck out on a man’s wallet who he was busy on an ATM machine

He managed to get the wallet out of his pocket, but only to realize that a camera was pointed directly at him.

Unsure of what to do for the next few seconds, the man then motioned to the camera, a seeming attempt to say “Please don’t arrest me.” 

He then put the wallet on the floor, and begged the camera for forgiveness. The man then tapped the busy man and told him that his wallet dropped on the floor. 

Many netizens asked for the man to be arrested, while others noticed something different. Many noticed the camera shaking, only to find out that it was all just a prank of internet prankster Halid Arsajev, who played the part of the thief.

Watch the hilarious video here!

Source: TNP , Dailymail

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