Pia Wurtzbach Teases Steve Harvey, 'Thank you Steve for making me the most popular Miss Universe'


While the cheerful audience of the 65th Miss Universe is busy rooting for their bets, 2015 Miss Universe title holder Pia Wurtzbach found her opportunity to thank American host Steve Harvey for making her the 'most popular Miss Universe'.

In 2015, Harvey committed a mistake in announcing the year's Miss Universe. He initially announced Miss Ariadna Gutierrez of Colombia as the title holder but then immediately corrected it to Pia Wurtzbach. The whole incident drew criticism from many people. Harvey's mistake became the trending topic of discussions for weeks and months since the incident happened. Because of this, Wurtzbach's coronation night became widely popular.

“Steve, I never got to thank you, but thank you for making me the most popular Miss Universe,” the beauty queen told Harvey.

The American host responded and said:

"That’s okay. I wanna thank you for making me the most famous host of Miss Universe,"

Both Harvey and Wurtzbach cleared things between them in a face-to-face interview shortly after the incident happened.

According to GMA News, Harvey expressed admiration for Wurtzbach calling her "the pride of the Philippines" and "a woman who represents what the crown stands for".

The popular host also noted that Wurtzbach's response to the Miss Universe responsibilities is a tough act to follow.


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