Pepe Herrera Talks About the Real Reason Why He Left 'Ang Probinsyano'


Pepe Herrera, more popularly known, as Benny opened up on the real reason why he left the top-rating show, "Ang Probinsyano." 

Benny was Coco Martin's sidekick and a well-loved character. Popular for always seeing the positive in every situation, he is also a faithful friend to Cardo, Coco's character. His loyalty marked his death when he saved Cardo's life and instead chose to sacrifice his. 

Herrera played the character so tastefully that many fans and viewers of the show found it disappointing that his character was cut short. There were also rumors that he would be leaving for New Zealand.

To settle things, once and for all, Herrera spoke up in his recent guesting in Abunda Tonight. 

He said that while it's true that he will be leaving for New Zealand, it would only be for a month-long vacation together with his mother. 

He also admitted that the real reason he bade farewell to the show was because of health reasons. He revealed that he has been asking to leave the show months prior his exit. However, Coco asked him to shoot a few weeks more to prepare a good "exit" for the star, script-wise. 

Herrera also mentioned that he is humbled and grateful for all the support and love given not only to Benny but also to him. 

Source: TNP , ABS-CBN

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