Total Warzone: This Is How Filipinos Welcome the New Year! Watch This!


New Year's Eve is a much anticipated holiday in the Philippines. Filipinos of every age and gender feel a renewal of their spirit as time ticks towards midnight. The grown-ups set-up their drinking spots alongside the fireworks they're bound to light. The kids get to stay up late and watch the light show. Everyone is awake, and everyone feels alive. 

Filipinos love to meet the New Year with a sky full of lights and a loud enough noise.

It may be surprising for some foreigners to see how wild a New Year's Eve celebration can be. At 12 MN, the skies of Manila look like a chaotic war zone. Despite the dangers they pose, lighting fireworks is a tradition in Filipino culture. 

Take this amateur video uploaded on Youtube channel, amadeusiom. The video features a view from one of the tallest buildings in Metro Manila. 

The view is unbelievable. 

Watch the amazing viral video:

Source: TNP elitereaders

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