This Girl Kissed 10 Strangers in a Row Blindfolded But Was Shocked When She Removed Her Blindfold And Saw Who Was in Front of Her!


To find Prince Charming, many ladies go the extra mile in searching for the man who will sweep them off her feet-- even if it involves kissing a lot of frogs to find him, just like that Disney movie

This woman showed no signs of stopping just so she can find the love she’s been looking for. 

A new reality TV show picqued the curiosity of a lot of netizens, as it involves blindfolding women and inviting 10 other men to kiss her, just so she can find someone she thinks she will like. 

Kiss Bang Love has taken the whole match-making game to a whole new level and their first woman kisser was Dani Savka, 25 years old.

Dani is a dancer who has been single for 8 months and joined the dating series so she could find her true love. The “kisses” were all screened by producers for compatibility, except for one man named Daniel, who was chosen by Dani's friends Linsey and Natasha because they used to date and they felt the two had “unfinished business”.

After all 10 guys, Dani was surprised when she saw Daniel there and couldn’t deny the chemistry they had. Before the end of the episode, Dani picked Daniel “to give it a final shot”. Both of them were ecstatic and are now a real couple.

Watch the video here!

Source: TNP, EliteNewsFeed

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