Netizen's Sister Molested by UST Student During Ride Home, What The School Admin Did Made Netizens Angry!


A Facebook post shared by netizen Geo Celestino has gone viral.

The long post written by Celestino recalls a horrific incident suffered by his sister, a 3rd-year student of the University of Santo Tomas, when she rode an FX home.

Celestino's sister was a CFAD student and the demands of her studies usually leave her exhausted day-in day-out. While she was dozing in her seat, the pervert made his move on her.

She managed to snap a low-resolution photo of the alleged perpetrator which she uploaded on Twitter to raise awareness. Sure enough, netizens were quick to point out who this guy was.

Surprisingly when her photo went viral, she was called by the UST SWD Board. She discovered that the perpetrator was a 5th-year student and that his family was looking to file a case against her. They attempted to justify his actions with the usual “boys-will-be-boys” excuse.

When she told the UST administration her side of the story, they sided with the suspect. Worst still, they told her to apologize to the offending party.

As of writing, the post has received over 61K reactions and 29,000+ shares. Many netizens have voiced their opinions over the incident. Many offered their sympathies to the victim while denouncing the actions of the UST admin.

Read all the details of the original post here.

Warning: The following Facebook post contains themes and language unsuitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised.


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