Nazarene Devotee Debates With Two Born-Again Christians About Their Faith! MUST WATCH!


Religion is one of the most powerful things that the Spaniards have imbibed in us when they conquered our islands for almost 400 years. 

It acts as the foundation of our own principles and morals as well as guides us especially when we are spiritually troubled. As frail humans, many of us have encountered several situations in our lives wherein our faith have been questioned, tested, and even doubted. 

But during this year's Translacion, the annual tradition of bringing the Black Nazarene from Intramuros to the Basilica Minor of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo, a certain devotee has met two people who are in the said event, revealing that they are born-again Christians. 

Facebook user Franz Tuldac Tugadi uploaded a video showing a man sharing a debate with two other people. In his post, Franz said that they were only resting near the Manila City Hall when he and his companions heard a certain commotion. 

It turns out that there is a heated debate on faith between a Nazarene devotee and born-again Christians. The devotee was seen holding a bible and passionately giving out statements, including a question, "Si Kristo ba ay Diyos, o Diyos-diyosan niyo?

All the other devotees went in an uproar when one of the born-again Christian couldn't answer. Here is the whole footage of the said debate: 

Source: TNP, Facebook

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