'Nasa Harap Ko Na Po Siya, Hahalikan Na Po Ako' - A 17-Year-Old Girl Filed a Complaint Against Stranger Who Broke Into Her Motel Room!


A 17-year-old girl files a complaint against a man that she saw naked in her room.

Danica, together with her elder sister and her sister's children, filed a complaint against a man who tried to molest her in a motel room.

"Yung pag-gising po namin yung lalaki po naka-hubo't hubad na po, nasa harap ko na po siya, hahalikan na po ako. Sabi po ng ate ko lumabas na po siya. Tinitigan niya pa po kami ng masama," Danica told TV Patrol during her interview with them at the police station.

Due to conflict in the family, Danica and her elder sister was left with no choice but to check-in a motel, TV Patrol reported.

According to Danica's elder sister, Mari, she told the man to get out of their room for fear of what he might do to them. 

"Nagulat na lang ako, inaaya niya pa ako," she said.

Mari also said that the door was locked before they went to sleep, that's why she was confident that no one will barge in.

The man was identified as Eclerzon Gier. SPO4 Johanna Sazon told TV Patrol that Gier used a tool to break in the room. 

The manager of the motel claimed that the suspect was checked in the motel and he was not part of their staff. The suspect was guilty of what he did but his alibi was was a bit different from what the two ladies stated. 

"Gusto ko lang matulog kase inantok ako," Gier said.

According to Gier's partner, it was not the first time that her partner was engaged with molestation. The suspect's father wants to file a case against the motel due to lack of security.

The motel was contacted by TV Patrol but have not released a comment about what happened.

Gier will now face Unjust Vexation and Acts of Lasciviousness.

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Source: TNP , Facebook

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