'Nainlove Kaya Ako Dyan' Vice Ganda Talks About Relationship With Jhong Hilario. Watch Here!


ABS-CBN's 'It's Showtime' started 7 years ago but all throughout those years, original hosts, Vice Ganda, Anne Curtis, Jhong Hilario, Vhong Navarro, Billy Crawford and Karylle Tatlonghari-Yuzon, remained in the show. Despite the many issues hurled at the show in the past, they remained a very close group.

But recently, Vice Ganda shocked their fans after admitting that he fell in love with Jhong Hilario. They have been teased frequently in the past and have been rumored to be in a relationship. But the two said that they were somewhat forbidden to be together during that time. 

Vice then quipped that Jhong was actually hoping for them to be official so Vice can get him a new house. At the end of the video, Jhong told Vice that it is better for them to stay friends so they can always have the chance to be lovers in the future. 

The whole conversation sent the crowd laughing! As of this writing, the video already garnered 18 thousand reactions. 


Source: TNP, ABS-CBN

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