MUST WATCH: This Man Gave a Message to His Wife Who Has Alzheimer's That Will Make You See What True Love Is!


Everyone aspires for true love. It is that kind of love that you will cherish forever since we believe that everything we do will all be worth it. 

It is the kind of love that lasts until your last breathe.

Channel 4 on Facebook posted a video about this man with heart disease who is worried, not for himself, but for his wife. He said. "My wife needs me and I can't possibly leave her."

The video showed the man lying on a hospital bed being interviewed by a nurse The nurse asked him if how long his wife and him have been married.

"65 years in June," John replied.

He also told the story of how he met his wife. He can even recall the exact dates and details of their first date.

According to John, he was a telephone engineer while his wife was a telephone operator. "And I saw this shapely piece walking down the switch room with her hair flowing. And I said to myself, 'She is the one for me.'"

John then proceeded to tell them about their first date and the first movie they watched together.

The heartbreaking thing was that John's wife is in the first stage of Alzheimer's and he claims that there is no cure for it. According to Dawn, their daughter, when her mother is not feeling good, it feels like she's losing her mother and at the same time John is losing his wife. However, 
during her mother's lucid days, everything becomes wonderful for them.

"When she has her lucid days then it's just wonderful because it's having mum back and dad having his wife back," Dawn said.

John has spent his entire life with his wife by his side, which is why he can't afford to lose her and even lose his life. He even said, "If I had my life all over again I'd want her as my partner. That's for sure," John said. 

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You can also watch the video below!

Source: TNP Facebook

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