MUST WATCH: Teen Runs to the Dollar Store and Suddenly Grabs an Old Lady but Had No Idea That His Aunt Was Filming Him!


There are many things stories circulating the net about unruly teens being involved in illegal activities, not going to school, and other terrible habits. However, it seems like there is still hope left for the new generation.

According to Fox News, an old woman was struggling to get inside a dollar store. She fell on her back and when she got up she started limping. The woman was having a hard time walking to the dollar store. Suddenly, a teenager came over and grabbed her. He not only assisted the old lady in walking out of the store, he even helped her shop.

According to the boy, there were grown men that were just walking past her who never bothered to help. Thankfully, he came in and assisted the old lady.

However, this boy did not know that his aunt was filming everything. She was brought to tears as she saw what her nephew was doing.

"I was taking pictures and he didn't know it. But I was just so proud that's why I was taking the pictures. And just to see the look on her face when she came out, she was smiling oh God, I was boohoo-ing," she said.

Watch the video below!

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Source: TNP LittleThings

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