MUST WATCH: 'Royal Escort' Beats Up a Delivery Boy From Malaysia After He Accidentally Did This to Their Luxury Car!


It was an unfortunate day for this Delivery Boy from Malaysia after men who were believed to be part of 'Royal Escort' beat him up.

Facebook user Halim Tan Shaari posted photos and videos of what happened. The unidentified delivery boy "accidentally reversed and broke [this] Mercedes' plate number at Athenaeum Condo," according to Shaari's post.

Shaari did not say if there were other damages to the car. However, he claims that the delivery boy should get justice after what happened to him. He also said that the delivery boy was assaulted "brutally."

As of writing, the post garnered 8,400 likes, 42,692 shares on Facebook with comments saying that karma will strike the men who beat up the delivery boy.

Watch the video and tell us if the "Royal Escort" men really do deserve to get hot by karma.

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