MUST WATCH! McCoy Did This to Elise While They Were Inside the PBB House! UNBELIEVABLE!


Among the latest happenings in the reality show "Pinoy Big Brother" are the housemates trying to train together for their upcoming cheer dance. In day 184 of PBB 7, McCoy got partnered up with Elisse and one of the activities for their training was partner conditioning. 

In a video uploaded by ABS-CBN Entertainment, the housemates are seen stretching their bodies for the routines they were going to do for the cheer dance. The exercise required one of them to be behind their respective partner to help them stretch. 

While Elisse was stretching her arms, McCoy was behind her. Toni Gonzaga, the PBB host for the episode, jokingly chided the two while singing a tune for them with a smile on her face. The two housemates have been paired together numerous times and the viewers have taken notice of their chemistry. 

McCoy, a.k.a. Marc Carlos De Jesus De Leon, is a member of the all-male dance group Hashtags from the nootime variety show "It's Showtime". Elisse, a.k.a. Maria Chriselle Joson Diuco, is a teen star and works as a commercial model for various brands, including a famous fast food chain. 

Elisse has been involved with former house guest and actor Jerome Ponce, and was supposed to be evicted from the house on Day 23. However, she was given another chance when Yassi Pressman gave her the spot to be the fourth Lucky Star. 

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Watch the video of the whole segment below: 


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