MUST SEE! Was An Underwater UFO Base Really Discovered in Antartica After Ice Have Started to Melt?


Global warming continues to be an issue until now. The ice caps and glaciers on the north are melting faster than we've originally thought. 

A video was uploaded in YouTube by secureteam10 which shows what could be considered an astounding 'discovery. According to them, they have found signs of extra-terrestial life. A perfectly round structure was seen in the waters of Antartica, with sea ice surrounding it. 

It can only be seen using Google Earth and according to them, does not occur naturally. It appeared to be an underwater UFO base that they believed was created by aliens to conduct secret operations on Earth

The discovery created many speculations among netizens, leaving them baffled as to why a secret base would be found in the cold, dark waters of the continent. It fueled the debate that the discovery was a sign which would lead to the fulfillment of one of Nostradamus' prediction--aliens would invade the earth in 2017. 

Here is the report on the UFO base found in Antartica

Expounding on Nostradamus' prediction, YouTube user revelation13net released a video that talked about the prophet's revelations on alien invasion. According to the video, Jesus Christ was even predicted to be the one leading the UFO fleet. He cited Chapter 19 of the Book of Revelation in this theory.

See the video about it: 

Do you believe that what was found in the cold waters of Antartica was a real UFO base? If so, what do you think about it? What do you think about Nostradamus' predictions? 

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Source: TNP , YouTube

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