MUST READ! Be The Best Girlfriend Ever With These 7 Traits! We Bet You Don't Know About #2!


Did you know that you could make your boyfriend fall in love with you more with these traits? It's true that love is unconditional and that it offers no limits but what if you're both in a rut, or have been showing signs of a relationship drought? 

MUST READ! Be The Best Girlfriend Ever With These 7 Traits! We Bet You Don't Know About #2!

According to Classified Feed, most men fall head over heels in love with their girl if she exhibits these behaviors. Try it out yourself! 

1. Placing your head on his chest 

When you place your head on his chest, a sense of security and warmth envelopes your guy. It makes him feel strong and you, protected. It's also kind of sweet to hear his heartbeat! 

2. Playing with his hair 

Girls love it when men play with their hair, especially if it's long and wavy. But reports claim that men also love it when girls play with their hair, as it makes them feel more loved. It also gives them a sense of affection so go ahead and stroke his head with your fingers! 

3. Praising him on social media 

Nowadays, people are more inclined to broadcast their relationships over social media, where they are able to tell their friends and families about what they love most about a person with just a simple post (or posts). 

So if you see him wearing a dashing outfit or a cute polo, go ahead and rave all about it on his Facebook or Instagram account! He would definitely appreciate the effort--and the love. 

4. Listening to what he says 

Girls are known to be the talkers in a relationship but did you know that listening to your boyfriend will make him feel attended to? 

This is because listening carefully to your guy sends him a message that you find his opinions important, therefore making him feel all the more respected. 

5. Calling and texting him even when you're with friends 

Yes, even when you're with friends, your guy would surely appreciate it if you drop him a call or a sweet message. 

It tells him that even though you're hanging out and having some fun, you're still able to think of him and miss him despite the happenings. 

6. Showing your affection in public

Ah, PDA--you loves PDA? Not all displays of affection are meant to be shown in public but what if your boyfriend wants you to hug or kiss him in the middle of a crowd? 

Nothing's bad with it but holding his hand or staying close to him would make him adore you because it indicates that you're not afraid of showing everyone that you love him. It shows him that you're proud of him and that he only belongs to you. 

Do you do these kinds of things? If not, then try doing it now as it would make your boyfriend love you even more! Get ready to be the best girlfriend ever!

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