MUST READ: 95% Of Pinay Psychic Stargazer's Predictions Last 2016 Came True! To Know Her Predictions For 2017, READ IT HERE! A20-Stargaze


Stargazer, a life coach and psychic, just claimed that 95% of her predictions last 2016 came true during her interview with Julius Babao in AM show, Magandang Morning.

According to Stargazer, last year she predicted that 2016 will have a negative and unstable energy. Her predictions included terror attacks, the passing of a female politician and heightened international conflicts.

The passing of Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, missile launches in North Korea and bombings claimed by Islamic States are part of her predictions, though she did not said it specifically. 

According to Stargazer, predictions happen not only during meditation; even as she is talking to someone, prognosis can come to her.

Stargazer disclosed her predictions for the year 2017. Here are some of her prophecy:

NATURAL DISASTERS - Stargazer made a warning that a "big catastrophe" will happen in Japan while Indonesia will experience "a powerful earthquake and volcanic eruption".

ENTERTAINMENT - According to Stargazer, a young matinee idol will be in an accident in the midst of shooting a project while a middle aged actor will be in a vehicular accident. There will also be a broadcaster who will pass away.

On the other hand, an actor will receive a prestigious international award.

POLITICS - When it comes to politics, devastating events are revealed by Stargazer. Events such as "unearthing of agenda" that started last 2016, a military or police official's scandal will be unveiled, someone will attempt to assasinate a public leader and another politician will pass away.

Source: TNP, ABS-CBN

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