Mocha Uson Causes A Fight Between A Video Blogger, Newspaper Reporter And A Former Actress G. Toengi


In a Youtube video of a press meeting with Sec. Martin Andanar, Mocha Uson's name was raised once again. This is after a video blogger who goes by the name "Maharlika" posted a video which slams a Philippine Daily Inquirer. She claimed that the newspaper reporter who has more than 30 years of experience under her belt in the industry doesn’t know how to respect and practice media laws and ethics.

 The video also defended Mocha Uson from her critics who claim that she’s not qualified to be appointed as a member of  the MTRCB board members. The video also featured an argument with Ms. G Toengi, an actress from the Philippines now based in the US. 

“Well, (Mocha Uson) I don’t know her personally, but meron po syang bachelor’s degree” said Maharlika. Toengi was quick to respond, “In medicine, right? This is entertainment - MTRCB. Not Medicine. ”

Maharlika replied by saying, “It’s not really an issue, ang sakin lang po ay kung meron tayong mga bugok na mga congressmen, at iba dyan ay walang qualification, bakit hindi natin pagbigyan ang isang Mocha Uson na gustong maglingkod sa ating bayan?” 

As the exchange was ongoing, the video zoomed in into a reporter from Philippine Daily Inquirer who reacted rudely and rolled her eyes while she listening to the discussion. 

Video blogger Maharlika found it offensive and was quick to make a post  about it in her blog. 

Watch the video clip here:

Source: TNP, YouTube, Maharlika

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