MIRACLE: Blind Woman Regain Vision After Skydiving With Her Brother!


Another inspiring story was published by Little Things Facebook page which features how a blind woman was able to see again after she went skydiving with her brother.

Josie Paille faced blindness as early as 16 years old as she obtained vein occlusion. According to medlineplus.gov, retinal vein occlusion is a condition wherein there is a blockage or formation of blood clot in the small veins in the retinal part of the area. 

Unfortunately, years after her first diagnosis, her doctors told her that her good eye will be soon affected and she must prepare herself for being completely blind. 

Because of the heart breaking news, her brother, Peter Paille, offered to take her skydiving so she could appreciate the beautiful things around her before she completely lost her vision.

Josie was hesitant at first but she later on decided to go. She was sure of her death during that moment and so she asked a cameraman to take a video for her children and grandchildren.

What happened next can truly be classified as a miracle!

Watch her full story here:

Source: TNP, LittleThings

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