Matteo Guidicelli On One-Night Stands: 'N'ong Kabataan Natin... N'ong High School Days Natin, Lahat Naman Tayo Gan'on.' WATCH HERE!


Matteo Guidicelli has long been away from the limelight and only making a few appearances here and there, but the Kapamilya talent is now back and claiming the throne, beginning with the questions thrown at him by his own network, ABS-CBN. 

The actor is known for his strong relationship with Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo, despite the controversies and rumors surrounding the couple. But he hinted that he was not that romantic before--in fact, he revealed that he had his own shares of one-night stands, as early as high school

In a video by ABS-CBN Entertainment, Matteo stated that "N'ong kabataan natin... n'ong high school days natin, lahat naman tayo gan'on," he said when confronted about the question. The interviewer had to say, "Uy, 'wag mo kaming lahatin ah! 'Wag mong lahatin! We're not (like) that." 

Then the actor proceeded to point out a guy, saying, "'Di ba, Kevin? Ikaw?" But the guy whom he threw the question at only laughed in the background. 

Matteo also revealed that if given the chance to take off a cloth from his body, it would be his shoes. "Bastos naman ako 'pag sinabi kong pantalon!" he laughed. Pants was his initial answer. 

The actor is also known as a triathlete and has been endorsing a shoe brand for high-performance running, indicating that he is still maintaining that toned figure of his. When asked what he considered the sexiest part of his body, Matteo answered, "My ear." Then proceeded to point it out, running his fingers on it, which earned laughs from the interviewer. 

He is not only an active outdoors-y person. He can actually cook, saying that the usual thought he has while showering is what to cook for breakfast. "For myself," he said. 

Next, the actor was grilled on whom he would have a celebrity crush on, given that he is not with Sarah. 

"'Di na kayo maawa sa'kin, mamaya pag-uwi ko, iiyak na naman ako!" he quipped to the interviewer, crossing his arms. "Do you really wanna know? Um, 'wag na, international lang... Jessica Alba!" he revealed in all seriousness. 

It seemed like the actor is truly loyal to his girlfriend. When asked who he would want to say 'Versace on the floor' with, Matteo quickly said, "Si Sarah lang asa isip ko eh." But when prodded further, he revealed "Si Tita Kris... 'yung handler." 

He also said that he's not the type of guy who will remain close with his ex. 

"Civil lang," he stated when confronted about his ex. "All my (relationships) with my exes are civil, but we're not close anymore. Tipong hi-hello na lang." 

And then he was asked the clincher: Dirtiest thought you had on someone? Matteo instantly turned his back from the camera and said, "Do you really wanna know? Hindi natin puwedeng sabihin sa camera eh." Then he regained his confidence and leaned back with ease. 

The actor is currently promoting his film, Across the Crescent Moon which stars him and his ex-girlfriend, Alex Godinez. The film is an action-drama about a Special Action Force (SAF) Muslim trooper who is married to a Christian woman.

Here's the whole interview! 

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Source: TNP , ABS-CBN

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