Man Loses His Teeth and Suffers Second Degree Burns After A Vape Pen Exploded In His Face! HORRIFYING!


Vapes are initially thought to be harmless, as they are believed to cause less damage to the lungs than cigarettes. These studies, however, are inconclusive. 

With people no longer needing a lighter or a match to smoke away, the odds of a fire starting are much lower. But a terrible incident proves this is not the case. In Idaho, USA, a man received second degree burns and lost his teeth after his vape pen exploded – right in his face. 

According to the Inquirer, Andrew Hall was about to go to the office when his e-cigarette exploded right near his face, burning a part of his cheek and damaging his teeth. Andrew posted his experience on Facebook, warning fellow vape pen users on the unforeseen effects of vaping. 

Andrew also posted a picture of his vape pen after exploding: 

Andrew is currently documenting his recovery after he was discharged from the hospital. According to him, he has stopped vaping and has been hoping to influence others to do the same, or at least help them find other means of smoking. 

Daily Mail reported that the vape pen had shattered into pieces inside his mouth, knocking his teeth out and burning his face and neck, along with the walls of the bathroom where the accident occurred. 

Even though Andrew had already warned others about the dangers of vaping through his experience, there were still netizens who claimed that what he posted was a hoax and that he was making up the story. 

Skeptics believe he faked the accident and that the damage done was exaggerated. 

According to Andrew, "The torch marks are on the wall and roof are continuations from my face. Also the explosion downward broke my sink. I'm interested in the same comments from certain people to see what kind words you have to say now." 

There were reports claiming that the vape pen's battery, an LG HG2, was the main cause of the explosion. Andrew didn't mention the model of the vape pen he was using, but he said that it was assembled by the staff at the vape store where he bought it. 

He was not the first person to have suffered from facial burns and injuries after an e-cigarette explosion. A man from Kentucky received second degree burns on his leg when his vape had exploded inside his pocket. 

Another man from New York said that his tongue was split in two after the vape pen exploded inside his mouth as he was smoking it. Also, a student from Colorado broke his neck and several facial bones after he suffered a similar incident. 

A total of 66 cases of vape-related explosions have been reported between 2015 and 2016.


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