REVEALED: Man Caught In Video Touching Woman's Thighs Has Mental Illness! Must Watch!


A recent video uploaded by Danica Jimenez's went viral after netizens called foul on the act caught on camera. 

The video shows a woman hitting a man, after he tried to grope the woman's thighs. The uploader admitted that she initially thought that the two were a couple having a "lover's quarrel."

After uploading the video, the sensational-news-hungry netizens easily jumped on the net and commented harsh and degrading things directed towards the man. Many say that the man should be apprehended for his attempt of sexual harassment

Yet one netizen decided to go against the flow by uploading a video explaining the situation of the man featured in the scandalous video. 

Tim Alcantara explained that the man is suffering from mental illness due to a condition he had when he was a child. The treatment left the man with a slow learning curve and mental incapacity. 

Some netizens also emphasized with the man's condition. 

It really is interesting when people see through reason and suddenly change perspective.

Source: TNP , Socialtrendsph

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