GRAPHIC CONTENT: Man Bleeds as he And Two Others Attempt To Catch a Huge Snake That Was in a Restaurant!


Straight out of the movies, a huge snake made a surprise appearance at an eatery located in Biliran, Leyte. And no, Visayan people do not have an appetite for reptiles.

A netizen shared actual footage of their experience. The video showed three grown men battling a snake the size of a man’s legs, the length of a small street post. These men attempted to grab the enormous reptile, only to fail in epic proportion.

One of the brave men was bit by the snake and his right hand bled like a faucet. Huge drops of blood were all over the floor as he casually tried to walk it off and bystanders screamed in horror. The man was then seen jumping on the back of his buddy’s motorcycle.

It was unclear if the three grown men were able to get hold of the big snake. 

Netizens were furious and most claimed that that they could catch a snake of that size with their bare hands.The video went viral overnight and has almost 507 thousand views and 3.7 thousand shares.

Source: TNP, Facebook

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