Maine Mendoza Dubsmashes the 'Nung ako'y bata pa..' Viral Video! Must Watch!


She's at it again!

If you’ve already seen the viral video of a young Pinay girl who punched her brother for annoying her while she was filming a selfie video then you need to see this!

In a video shared by Filipino Vines, popular Kapuso star Maine Mendoza, a.k.a. ‘Yaya Dub’, returns to her roots by making a Dubsmash video. 

Her hilarious imitation of the young girl who was attempting to make a selfie video but ended up punching her brother due to his teasing has now gone viral.

To make the video even more authentic, Maine was joined by a guy who acted as the annoying brother. 

The funny actress imitated all parts of the video, from the out-of-tune singing to the part where the young girl cries due to their petty fight.

The video has now gained over 1.7 million views, 125,000 reactions and almost 72,000 shares less than an hour since it was posted!

The ‘Dubsmash Queen’ truly owns the title and netizens cannot deny it as she makes everybody laugh once again! 

Some netizens even commented that her parody was a lot funnier than the original version due to her extremely emotive facial reactions.

Fans of the actress are glad that despite the fame she had achieved, she is still willing to do this sort of thing for the amusement of her fans.

Watch the video below!

Source: TNP, Maine, PEP

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