LOVE WAITS: Bride Waits for Her Groom Along the Road Despite Wedding Schedule


They say love waits and this is exactly what this bride did.

Weddings are supposed to be the most important day in a woman's life. This sort of event is planned months ahead. Some women even start planning it years ahead just to make sure it is perfect. From the dress, to the wedding ceremony, every detail is planned out to assure that no problem will arise.

However some things do not always go on as planned. 

In Xinyu, Jiangxi Province, China, a woman clad in her wedding dress was spotted waiting for her groom alongside the road. 

Apparently, the woman was supposed to get married and it was already past their wedding schedule but the groom had still not arrived.

Getting anxious, the woman decided to wait for him beside the road despite many passersby.


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