WATCH: 2ne1s Undying Friendship Seen in This Dance Showdown With Jollibee


Fans of popular K-pop group 2NE1 seems to not lose hope despite the group's recent split. 

On an Instagram account made by fans of member Park Bom, fans reminisced on the good times the group shared. 

A video of the three has gone viral. The video was a dance showdown between members CL, Minzy and Dara along with Philippine's favorite fast food mascot Jollibee. 

According to recent reports from Popcrush, the reason behind the disbandment was the decline of Park Bom says YG CEO. The news was a response to the fans' speculations that the disbandment was caused by the departure of member Minzy.

"When Gong Minzy moved to a different agency, I wanted to save 2NE1. What led to the decision to disband the group was the state of Park Bom’s mental health," YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk shared.

"After ‘the incident (Park Bom’s drug scandal),’ the criticisms we received were endless. But in addition to the stress and guilt from that, I’m sure Park Bom would have felt a strong determination to continue 2NE1. I told her, ‘2NE1 is important, but I wish for you to be healthy, both mentally and physically.'"

Fans however remain positive especially due to the firm friendship they share.

"Ok the fact that they disbanded is really sad, for the fans, but they are still alive and their disbanding won't kill their friendship, they could still have fun with each other," commented one fan.

It had been a week since Sandara Park recently posted this on her Instagram account.

LOOK: 2ne1s Undying Friendship Seen in This Dance Showdown With Jollibee
Source: TNP, Instagram

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