LOOK: David Beckham Earns Praise For Helping An Old Lady On The Street!


If you think this is going to be an ordinary Good Samaritan story, well, think again! Is there anything ordinary with anything which has David Beckham's name on it?

Netizens made the London-based athlete a viral topic in social media today when he was seen helping an old lady who collapsed and hit her head on the street.

The elderly lady was crossing a street in Kensington, London in the evening. Just in time, the retired footballer with a bottled water in his hand showed up and checked on her. 

Bystanders blushed over Beckham's kind act. He even blocked the traffic using his car to keep the oldy lady safe from other vehicles.

Sally Bidal, who was in the crowd that moment, took a photo of the scene and expressed her admiration for Beckham.

Biddal wrote, “Was helping an old lady who fell over on my lunch
break and guess who drives up to help? David Beckham. That’s who.
What a gentleman.”

The incident made it to the London Fire Brigade who also confirmed the assistance of the athlete.

“At around 16.45 a fire engine was flagged down to an elderly woman who had tripped when crossing the road and fell and hit her head,” the London Fire Brigade wrote in a statement.

“David Beckham was parked nearby and had already given her a
bottle of water. He assisted and when the ambulance arrived was
thanked and told he could move on.”

What happened in Kensington drew mixed reactions in social media. Some are doubting Beckham's help for he only seemed "rubber necking" with his bottled water gesture.

Nevertheless, most ladies admit that they'd trade shoes with the old lady only to be offered a drink by David Beckham himself. 

LOOK: David Beckham Earns Praise For Helping An Old Lady On The Street!
Source: TNP buzzflare

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