Kisses Shocks Big Brother: 'Siguro Kuya, Dito Na Lang Kami Mag-Aral Tapos Mag-College!'


In the latest episode of reality show "Pinoy Big Brother," Kisses, one of the current housemates, revealed that she wants to study inside the house and maybe even finish college. 

This was according to one of her videos uploaded by Facebook page "Pinoy Big Brother Abs-Cbn."

Kuya initially complimented her outfit and appearance, to which Kisses replied, "Wala naman po Kuya, dito lang po sa bahay niyo po," with a smile. 

Then Kisses proceeded to reveal that it must be her newly-bought make-up that made her look so good, prompting the audience to reply with a cheer. 

When Kuya asked her if her make-up would last her all year long, Kisses looked at the camera questioningly and asked, "Isang taon po, Kuya?" 

Big Brother said "Malay mo" in an unassuming voice. Kisses replied that she estimated her make-up would last her around three and a half months to four months overall. 

Big Brother then hinted that Kisses may have to stay inside the house for at least a year. This gave the housemate a visible shock to the system. 

"Grabe 'yung isang taon," she said with a smile. According to her, she still has her birthday to celebrate in May this year. 

Then she followed it up by saying, "Siguro Kuya, dito na lang kami mag-aral tapos mag-college." Big Brother was shocked at her statement, asking her "Ganon katagal?"

Kisses Delavin is one of PBB's housemates currently staying inside the house and is touted as the "Miracle Daugter of Masbate," according to ABS-CBN Entertainment. 

She joined two beauty contests in their province before entering Pinoy Big Brother and won both contests. She said that it was her greatest achievement as she was the youngest among the contenders and according to her, went out of her comfort zone. 

Watch the whole video below!

Source: TNP , PBB

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