This Kind Bus Driver Sees An Old Man Struggling To Get Off His Bus. What He Did For Him Will Bring You To Tears!


Today's modern world is so fast-paced that we often neglect others in need just to cope with our own busy schedules.

Cultures and traditions are slowly being forgotten as we make room for homogenized fads and trends. Although there is nothing wrong with millennials living life quickly due to their belief that time is precious, this perception is being nurtured at the expense of benevolence and compassion towards others.

We can no longer stop just to greet a kind stranger on the street, or to help a person who dropped their belongings on the ground.

So when this bus driver stopped what he was doing just to help an old man, the online community was deeply moved.

In Guangzhou, a province in the south China’s Guangdong region, a compassionate bus driver saw this elderly man struggling to disembark his bus. Seeing that he needed assistance, he quickly left his seat to help him.

Watch the heartwarming video below!

As proof of how the online community positively reacted to this incident, the post shared by NTD Television has already garnered an overwhelming 78,000 reactions and almost 14,000 shares.

"That is such an awesome gesture of kindness. The other people on the bus should be ashamed of themselves. Someone could have tried to help him," netizen Tinita Hughes commented.

As for netizen Sandy Smedly, she emphasized how such a simple gesture of kindness going viral says a lot about how rare this kind of thing occurs today.

"Why didn't one of the other passengers help? but very kind of the driver however what sort of society have we become when what I would consider a normal response to someone struggling is on social media as something special." Smedly commented.

Another netizen named Sue Mellegard reacted, "Sometimes we need to be reminded that we have good people with a caring heart who live here in the middle of the chaos that we are starting to think of "normal". Bless your heart!"

What about you, dear readers? What would you have done if you were in the bus driver’s situation? Let us know in the comments section and share this as an inspiration to others!
Source: Facebook, TNP

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