Kidnapped Korean National Strangled To Death Inside Camp Crame Near Office of PNP Chief Bato


Jee Ick-joo, former Executive of Hanjin and a South Korean businessman was squeezed on his neck until he died death inside Camp Crame after he was kidnapped by a group of policemen including accused Senior Police Officer 4 Roy Villegas and Senior Police Officer 3 Ricky Sta. Isabel as heads, the Department of Justice said in a resolution released yesterday.

On the affidavit submitted by Villegas, he said that he heard Sta. Isabel having a conversation with someone he called as "Sir Dumlao". "Sir, I heard you know these people and this operation was sanctioned by you," said Villegas, supposedly quoting Sta. Isabel..

Sta. Isabel then alleged commanded them to ignore Dumlao and just simply brought some packaging tape and surgical gloves before they were ordered to cover Jee's head. He finally recalled seeing respondent Sta. Isabel strangling and killing the victim, as stated in the DOJ resolution.

It was also stated in the resolution that Sta. Isabel told Villegas to call someone named "Ding" to exchange the body of the Korean businessman for P30, 000 and a golf set. After that, the body was taken to a funeral home somewhere in Caloocan.

"He joined the operation as he believed then that the operation is a legitimate police operation against the herein victim who, according to respondent Sta. Isabel is involved in illegal drugs," the DOJ resolution stated.

The resolution goes further, "He reiterates that he thought all along that the surveillance and police operations which he participated in are legitimate police operations... When he realized it, he did not resist and instead, he obeyed the instruction of respondent Sta. Isabel for fear of his life and that of his family."

Also, it was said in the resolution that respondents in the said kidnapping-for-ransom with homicide incident case filed against Sta. Isabel, Villegas, Ramon Yalung and many people named John failed to submit evidence against the accused individuals. 

On the other hand, PNP Director General Ronald dela Rosa said that Sta. Isabel is most guilty and therefore shouldn't be included in the list of state witnesses.

"'I'm very, very angry. I¯m very, very offended. I would have melted away in humiliation right at this very moment because it happened within Camp Crame. If I have my way, I would kill these policemen-cum-kidnappers. But I cannot do it because that's illegal," Dela Rosa said during an interview inside the Malacanang palace.

On October 18, 2016, Jee together with her Filipina maid was kidnapped by two unidentified people while they were inside his house in Pampanga. Kidnappers said that Jee was involved in illegal drug trade. The maid was eventually released but the Korean national remained abducted.

"The special complex crime of kidnapping for ransom with homicide is committed when the person was killed on the occasion, in connection, in the course of or subsequent to his detention, regardless of whether the killing was purposely sought or was merely an afterthought. In this case, it was respondent Sta. Isabel who killed the victim by strangulation," it said.

On the other hand, DOJ released an immigration lookout bulletin order against Sta. Isabel, who has resigned from the position this week and is currently in the custody of the National Bureau of Investigation. This order has a similar effect to a court-sanctioned travel ban.

As of now, investigation on how the body of the kidnapped Korean was released in Gream Funeral Services in Caloocan City. Gream is being managed and owned by the Brgy. Chairman of Bagbaguin 165, Gerardo Santiago.

Kidnapped Korean National Strangled To Death Inside Camp Crame Near Office of PNP Chief Bato
Source: TNP inquirer

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