Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Tries Filipino Fruits Durian and Suha With President Rodrigo Duterte! Watch it Here!


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is currently in the Philippines’ for his first state visit to a foreign country for 2017. As a show of support and camaraderie with the Philippines, Abe paid a visit to President Duterte’s hometown and bailiwick, Davao City.

While in Davao, Abe partook in a couple of local delicacies – Durian and Suha. The Durian is a fruit with a pungent odor and an acquired taste. The Suha, also known as a Pomelo, is a citrus fruit that resembles a large grapefruit. Both fruits are beloved by Filipinos across the country.

Watch the full video below:

Many netizens love the fact that a prestigious foreign leader like Prime Minister Abe enjoyed local homegrown Filipino fruits.

Rofel John Robles Oniola wrote: "This is what we should do....offer what we have...do not pretend to be somebody if your not...at the end of the day makita ng visita natin na tayo ay totoong tao at sincere walang halong kaplastikan.this is what our president clear message to all of us......"

Marie Paje Samonte wrote: "We salute you Prime Minister Abe, so gracious and very sincere and truly admire and respect the great sense of humility of our Pres. Duterte. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH...LONG LIVE TO THE TWO DOWN TO EARTH LEADERS!!!"

Jon Jones wrote: "Ngayun lang ako naka kita ng dalawang mabigat na leader na kumain ng durian sa kalye lang.napaka simply lang talaga ni digong.I LOVE DUTERTE I LOVE DAVAO"

Shinzo Abe is the first foreign leader to visit the Philippines under Duterte’s administration. He has pledged to give 1 trillion Yen (around $8.7 billion) to the Philippines to aid in the development of infrastructure projects. 
Source: ABS-CBN, TNP

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