Inspiring! Honest 67-Year-Old Tricycle Driver Returned a Bag Containing P15,000!


In Naga City, a 67-year-old tricycle driver is being praised by local citizens and netizens alike for his honesty. 

While driving in his tricycle Mang Romeo Adoremos stumbled upon a bag on the side of the road. The bag contained around P15,000, a cellphone and other valuables. 

The owner of the bag called his cellphone which allowed Mang Romeo to return the items to him.

According to his wife, Mang Romeo has a habit of returning lost items to their owners, such as groceries or lost cellphones. 

The elderly tricycle driver was recognized by the local government of Naga for his moral and decent character.

Mang Romeo was even given a small reward by the owner of the P15,000.

Great job Mang Romeo! You make us proud!

Watch this video by ABS-CBN for all the details!

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Source: ABS-CBN, TNP

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