'IMPAKTO DIOSDIOSAN NYO' Netizen Mocked Sinulog Festival and Went Viral. READ HERE!


Last January 15, 2016, Cebu once again celebrated their most-awaited feast-- the Sinulog Festival. It is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January; natives perform dance rituals to honor the image of Santo Niño. According to history, it was Magellan who gave them the Santo Niño as a gift to Hara Amihan during her Christian baptismal. She is the wife of Rajah Humabon, Cebu's chief during that time.

Many tourists from around the country travel all the way to Cebu just to witness the grandiose festival. The grand street parade usually lasts for 9-12 hours and dancers usually wear colorful costumes. 

However, not everyone was happy about the Festival. One netizen named Mercy Mirata, expressed her extreme disgust over the celebration and even mocked the belief it was centered on. According to her, the signal wasn't working very well since Saturday and went on until Sunday because of the said festival. She blamed this on the 'blind' faith of the people to the "Santo Niño" who isn't even a real 'god'. She described it as 'diosdiosan' who doesn't even have power. 

As expected, many netizens were angered by Mirata's harsh words and disregard for other perspectives. Many also called her out for condemning other people and not respecting their beliefs. As of this writing, the post already garnered 24 thousand reactions and over 26 thousand shares. 

Read her full post below:

'IMPAKTO DIOSDIOSAN NYO' Netizen Mocked Sinulog Festival and Went Viral. READ HERE!
Source: TNP , Facebook

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