I changed my mind, I’m like Duterte’ - Gloria Diaz Has Change of Heart, Believes Maxine Will Win


To be Miss Universe means you have speak your mind. You have to let your opinions be heard if you want to change anything.

Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz just showed us why she won that title in the first place. Gloria Diaz is the first Filipina to be crowned Miss Universe after all – so of course, her opinions carry a lot of weight.

Recently the beauty queen made the controversial statement that Maxine Medina , the Philippines' representative in the 65th Miss Universe pageant, has a "one in a million chance" of winning. Gloria has justify her stance in succeeding interviews - causing quite the backlash from Filipino netizens.

At the Miss Universe Red Carpet event this Sunday, Gloria seemingly has had a change of heart and now believes Maxine may win it all.

Gloria has clarified in previous interviews that she does believes Maxine is a beautiful and confident representative. She argues that it may not be a courteous if the host country wins the very pageant they’re hosting. 

"I like everything about her, I think of Isabelle when I look at her. What bigger compliment can I give?" Gloria said, giving high praise to Maxine. 

What are your thoughts readers? Do you think Maxine has what it takes to win Miss Universe? Let us know!
Source: TNP , GMA

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