Husband Did Not Talk to His Wife for 20 Years, Then Their Children Did This! WATCH IT HERE!


Not talking to someone is an extremely difficult thing to do. Especially today when communication is as easy as pushing a button or two, trying not to talk to someone can is an absurd act. However, this man from Japan surprisingly did not talk to his wife for 20 years and still managed to stay with his family.

The silent husband Otou Yumi, only gave his wife, Katayama a nod or grunt whenever his wife attempts to start a conversation, according to That's why their three children who live with their parents in Nara, Southern Japan wrote to a TV show to break the silence between their parents and to their surprise, their plan worked.

They found out that their father was jealous of their mother's love for them. 

Otou told his wife that he appreciates the hardships that Katayama endured thoughout the years. "I want you to know... I am grateful for everything," Otou said. He said that he is also thankful for his wife and he mentioned that he wants to talk with his wife, hoping that they can work things out. 

Watch the video below and see the reaction of their children after hearing their parents talk to each other for the first time!

Source: TNP , Youtube

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