Heroic Off-duty Cop Apprehends Hold-upper In Dramatic Gun Fight


A viral CCTV footage featuring an intense gun fight between an off-duty police and a hold-upper is making its rounds on the internet. The cop was able to save an employee and shoot the hold-upper as well, causing him to fall and surrender.

As captured on CCTV, the hold-upper can be seen arriving by a  motorcycle. Once inside the establishment, he forcibly asked the employee on duty to give him all the money they have. However, he is not aware that there is a policeman in civilian clothes outside the establishment waiting to catch him. 

The confrontation between the policeman and the hold-upper eventually escalated into a tense gun fight.  Fortunately, the cop was able to shoot the hold-upper on  his shoulder which caused him to fall hard on the ground.

In the following footage, the guy wearing helmet and jacket is the hold-upper while the guy with the gun is the police hero.

Watch this exhilarating scene for yourself! 

Source: TNP , Kami

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