Her Father Died In 2007 But 9 Years Later No One Expected To See A Stranger Kneeling On His Grave!


This man went viral across social media after nailing the perfect and most romantic proposal every girl dreams of! 

Matthew and Kristina have been in a lovely relationship since 2011. Early last year, 2016, Matthew thought it was high time for him to ask her for marriage. So he started to plan for it and came up with the best idea ever! 

He told Kristina that he needed to go to New York to visit some of his friends. Little did Kristina know that Matthew started secretly meeting all her family members to formally ask her for her hand.

Among them was Kristina's mother, Angelina, who was just too happy to hear the news. He accepted Matthew as his future son-in-law then.

Matthew also took the time to visit Kristina's grandmother and even traveled all the way to Las Vegas. In a video message, her grandmother shared how she waited for this time to make her wear a diamond ring which has been in their family for 80 years.

But the highlight of Matthew's journey was when he traveled to Highland Mills to visit the grave of Kristina's late father who died in 2007. Kristina would often make remarks of how his father and Matthew are so similar and how she loves both of them. Matthew asked him, symbolically, for Kristina's hand and even knelt and vowed on his grave that he will take care of Kristina.

After his journey, it was time to make the proposal. He brought Kristina to a vineyard where they first fell in love. But after asking her for marriage, he made her watch his video which showed his one-of-a-kind journey. 

Kristina's reaction was priceless! Watch it below:

Source; TNP YouTube

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