Girls, Do You Have This Problem? Doc Ong Shares Simple Steps to Make That Foul Smell in Your Private Part Go Away!


For most girls, their number one monthly headache is their menstruation. However, there is another problem that girls don't like talking about: smelly private parts.

Fortunately, Doctor Liza Ramoso-Ong, a well-known physician who gives health tips on Facebook has a solution for women. According to Doc Liza, the cause for this is because of an infection or hormonal imbalance in one's private parts.

Below are Doc Loza Ong's simple solutions to this particularly embarrassing problem:

1. Taking a shower is important. Practicing regular hygiene will help keep your parts clean. Using a pH cleanser as well as using and changing cotton underwear twice a day will definitely make that bad smell go away.

2. When washing, make sure to use mild soaps only. Doc Liza ong claims that using scented soaps will just contribute to the foul smell of your private part and it will also wash out the good bacteria essential to keeping your lady parts healthy.

3. Do you use fragrances to make your private part smell good? Well, you better stop because it will not help and in fact, will just aggravate the problem 

Watch the video below and tell us how you keep your intimate area clean and fresh!

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