Girl Offers Her Body For An iPhone 7 But Gets Busted By Her Victim's Wife Who Spreads Their Private Messages!


Since the iPhone 7 hit the market, it has become the gadget that everybody wants to have. Some are fortunate enough to have the budget for it while majority of the Filipinos are not. However, there are also people who are willing to do everything just to have an iPhone 7, even in exchange of one's dignity. 

This teenager became viral after offering illicit services in exchange for an iPhone 7. The teenager identified as Isiah Victoria. Victoria reportedly had a chat with a married man named Fherdie.

According to the Facebook post, Victoria was only asking for basic information during the initial conversation. But as the conversation went on, the tension also increased, which eventually led to the girl offering her own body for an iPhone 7.

According to Luzviminda Pantaleon, Fherdie's wife and the one who posted the conversation between Isiah and her husband, she said that her husband was just riding along with the teenager's scheme.

"Thinking that she hit the jackpot for an iPhone 7, she flirts with my husband who rode along with her scheme to make her think that she was one step ahead of him, when in reality he was 10 steps ahead," Luzviminda wrote.

On the other hand, Isiah Victoria denied being the one behind the n*des which she allegedly sent to Fherdie. She posted a photo of her hand and the n*de photo to show the huge differences between her hand and the n*des. 

"See? Ang layo ng kamay ko sa kamay nung nasa conversation nila. PARA SA MGA MAKIKITID YUNG UTAK NA NANINIWALA NA AKO YAN!..." Isiah Victoria wrote on her post.  

An earlier status written by Isiah said that she never had an iPhone 7. She also said that she had no idea behind the accusations and the post must have must been simply used to grab the attention of netizens

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