Genius 2-Year-Old Filipino Knows Things He Actually Shouldn’t At His Age! What's His Secret?


How often do we meet toddlers who can instantly remember our names upon meeting them?

Well, Leroi Alba has memorized the past Philippine Presidents' name so we are pretty sure your name would be a piece of cake!

At the age of 2, this young Filipino has already been tagged as a gifted kid due to his impressive intellectual capability. 

Despite the huge gift, Leroi's mom admitted that she wants her child to be able to enjoy his childhood first.

The young genius is the son of couple Leslie Alba and Edward Evangelista.

Aside from already having the alphabet memorized, he also knows how to read and write!

He even once showed off his impressive skills as he wrote the numbers in its chronological order and wrote the corresponding spelling.

Another impressive thing about Leroi is that he can identify all the flags of the world! Surely beats us! 

Aside from the Philippine Presidents, he also knows the Philippine's heroes.

Furthermore, he also excels in science and already knows the complex Table of Elements.

Upon analysis of a professional psychologist in Psychpros, one of the country's top mental and social development center, this amazing kid was recognized as a gifted kid. His IQ is 132.

Since the news broke out in 2013 via Rated K, Leroi is probably now 5 or 6-years-old.

Source: TNP, KAMI

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