#NoBraChallenge Gone Too Far? This DJ Reacts: 'Ganito Na Kababa Ang Galawan, Ganito Na Kalaswa Ang Labanan Para Sumikat'


Are you familiar with the #NoBraChallenge?

Well, some might see it as a form of women empowerment but a lot see the opposite. 

Like this radio DJ, Chee Tirona, who slammed an online sensation, RBreezy Babe, after she did the challenge. 

According to the DJ, he finds it cheap and too much. 

The trending video now has an estimated 5M vieweship. Talk about getting people's attention.  

If you look at the thread, you will see conflicting opinions and viewpoints regarding the challenge. Some are critical while some lack even the basest form of grammar or empathy. 

But the question is, are these challenges still a positive thing or are we really just fame hungry individuals willing to risk everything just to get attention?

Source: TNPFacebook

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