Gamer Found Brain Dead Inside a Computer Shop Allegedly Due to Hours of Playing Without Eating


With technology continuously innovating, there is no question as to why many become so addicted. This generation is so caught up with Facebook, Twitter, various social media and even online games that we usually spend hours scrolling away at the expense of more important things, like eating.

Over the years, there had been countless incidents where an addicted computer user was found paralyzed or in a coma after compromising his health for hours on the computer or internet. And it had become alarming how these incidents are no longer surprising.

Just recently, a Chinese man was found 'brain-dead' in an internet cafe while still on his seat.

News tabloids claim that it is allegedly due to long hours of playing online games without eating or drinking water.

The unidentified man was playing until he suddenly froze on his seat. He eventually lost consciousness as seen on the shop's CCTV footage.

However, more shocklingly, other men from the computer shop were so busy with their own games that no one noticed what happened. It had been long time until a friend of the man approached him. He then noticed that something was wrong.

Upon the realization, a rescue team was called up in hopes of reviving the man. However no reports were able to clarify what happened next, whether the man woke up or if the situation became worse.

Watch the footage below!

Some netizens on Youtube shared their insights about the incident. Many believe that the man probably took something that might have led to the situation such as caffeine or energy drinks.

"I highly doubt that this was caused by the game or by the act of playing any video game. There is no mention of what the man might have been taking, these gamers sometimes use stimulants like energy drinks or lots of coffee to stay awake and alert while playing. Some take it further and use harder drugs like meth or coke to stay up if caffeine does nothing for them. Also, we don't know when was the last time this guy ate, drank water or slept, nor do we know if he has any serious medical conditions or if he required any medication. I just can't believe that simply playing a video game too much killed someone," commented a certain Memist Mcmemer of Youtube.
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